Bertolotto Green aims to minimize the environmental impact, knowing that if we do not preserve our beloved land, we will not preserve ourselves. Respecting and protecting the environment contributes to the quality of the final product and we like to think that we play our part in keeping the earth green and the air and water clean. We also like to believe that a part of the world we care about can be found in every doorway and that this small part becomes a design object that welcomes and protects us in the place we care about most: our home. So a part of a tree, transformed into an everyday object, becomes part of our life story, while a new plant grows to become part of all of our lives and the future.

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Αγίας Φυλάξεως & Σπύρου Κυπριανού 153, Λεμεσός , Limassol, Cyprus
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