Arrex le Cucine

Arrex Le Cucine has been in the furniture sector for over 40 years.

The history of Arrex Le Cucine is the history of a brand present in the furniture sector since 1973. A brand whose creations live on in the hearts of millions of homes and families in Italy and around the world.

Arrex Le Cucine was founded during a period when economic improvement was transforming lifestyles and ways of thinking about the home, when furniture became a source of comfort, wellbeing and satisfaction. The transition from rustic, handcrafted kitchens to modular kitchens was only a short step, and Arrex Le Cucine is firmly at the forefront of this change. We have been witnesses and protagonists of a transformation that has seen a product and a style begin to influence – and continue to influence – many of the social and cultural aspects of everyday life.

You can take a tour of our various projects and try out these unique virtual experiences.

Ambiente Glam

Enjoy the imposing room and let yourself be impressed by the elegance of the AL32.

Ambiente Minimal

A journey through a fluid and ethereal environment, in which our brilliant AL32 fits in.

Ambiente Nordic

An ambience inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, with a landscape that comfortably accommodates our sophisticated AL32.

Ambiente Country

Feel the countryside atmosphere in a country house, surrounded by greenery, and welcome the opportunity to explore the refined lines of our AL32 as soon as you step inside.

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